Line by Line

by Playtime Rabbit

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We recorded this EP in a sectioned off portion of our garage that has come to be known as the Rabbit Hole.
Some of the tunes are new such as Line by Line, Somebody Stole My Brain and Quick Fix. However, Follow Me and Mordred have been recorded before but never "released". The former was first recorded with my (Chris) long time friend Brandon Keebler in his room with an acoustic guitar, toy drums, and ambient parrot chirps. Sure has come a long way.


released February 15, 2013

Written and Recorded by Playtime Rabbit (Chris and Jordan Bell)
In the Rabbit Hole
Mixed and Mastered by Brandon Keebler
At his humble abode



all rights reserved


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Playtime Rabbit Dallas, Texas

Christopher was born and then sometime later Jordan was born and shortly there after they began playing music together.

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Track Name: Mordred
I can see you floating in there, without a care
I sit on the porch of hovering dogs

When you come and you don't know what to do
Stay, wait.

The sun shines immaculate golden light
Eyes closed I face its lustrous glow
Intimate visions burn thru my eyelids
I sit on the porch and the dos abide

When you come over and you don't know what to do
Stay, wait.
Track Name: Quick Fix
The many greetings of a safe return
Bound the nightmares in which we burn

All I see is
a quick fix
to a big problem

It's often hard to tell whether we've awakened
But more so the countless we may have forsaken

All I see is
a quick fix
to a big problem

A questioning man wonders in the desert of the human condition
Hope leads each step in calm reverie towards his disposition

All I see is
a quick fix
to a big problem
Track Name: Line by Line
I had to drop off
another hand on
it kind of

I am literally
for the grass to grow
this is really all I have to do

Line by line
I hide
Line by line

I had to drop off
another hand on
it kind of
Track Name: Somebody Stole My Brain
Somebody stole my brain
they hid it away
took off without a trace
somebody stole my brain
it's insane
Where are my endorphins
what does feel like to win
am i an orphan
in a world without color
why should we bother
should we bother?
Track Name: Follow Me
Follow me down to the river side
where I shot my woman down
just to watch her die
Follow me to the ocean so wide
oh how i hope you've god on your side

Walk with me down the highway of your life
cars careening round, round keep them in your sight
ode to love don't be afraid to die
it's the only way to the other side

streets filled with human disgust
sweet music save me in you I trust
going and going I'll follow your sound
I'm so far gone, I'll never be found